Webinar Recording: Same Day Debits: Are You at Risk of Being Noncompliant?

Published: February 28, 2017

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Recorded April 11, 2017

Same Day ACH debits are right around the corner. If you are an ODFI, RDFI or Originator, this webinar is for you. Attendees learn from an operational and rule perspective as speakers discuss what they have learned since September 2016 with Same Day ACH credits and what areas should be addressed to ensure compliance when Same Day ACH debits are implemented later this year. From Settlement Date and authorizations, to posting and testing, this webinar ensures you understand and are ready to handle Same Day ACH debits from both the origination and receipt points of view.

Gain Awareness & Stay Ahead

  • Lessons learned from Phase 1 and how to apply them to Phase 2;
  • What exactly the addition of Same Day ACH debits means to your processing and procedures;
  • Whether authorizations are going to be affected; and
  • Where the risk of being noncompliant lies and how to avoid it.



Jordan M. Morell, AAP, NCP
Associate Director of Education Services, Upper Midwest ACH Association

Timothy Thorson, AAP, CTP
SVP & Manager, ACH Operations, Regions Financial Corporation




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