Webinar Recording: Understanding Tokenization & Its Effect on ACH and Real-Time Payments

Published: June 2, 2016

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Recorded May 19, 2016

​Tokenization substitutes a limited-use random number, or digital token, for the customer’s account number during the transaction. While not a new concept in the payments space, its role as part of a comprehensive security strategy is gaining attention and importance with changes in technology and the proliferation of smart devices. Typically associated with card payments, the potential application of tokenization for DDA-based payments is being explored actively within the industry for ACH and real-time payments. 

Join us for this “can’t miss” webinar that will provide you with a primer on tokenization for payments, examining what it is and what it is not, how it fits into a broader security spectrum, and what lies ahead for the industry.

Gain Insight & Understanding: 

  • The value that tokenization provides to transactions
  • Tokenization considerations for ACH and real-time payments
  • The financial institution perspective on tokenization​


Peter Davey, AAP
VP, Payment Strategy & Industry – Enterprise Payments, Capital One

Jarrett Helms
Director, Digital Payments Products, The Clearing House Payments Authority

George Throckmorton
Managing Director, Network Development, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association
Jennifer West, AAP
Director, Payments Product Manager, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association



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